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Buying Schema 

Purchasing System :
To purchase cars at auctions must go through several stages :
  • Registration of the application
  • Fee 85,000 yen
  • Car Search
  • Participation in the auction
  • Issue of invoices
  • Payment
  • Transportation Vehicle (seaport / station)
And now more ...
There are two ways of buying a car with the help of our company :
  • You are viewing a list of cars available, select the appropriate and send a request. Our managers will promptly contact you to discuss the details of purchase and provide all the information you need.
  • If you are interested in cars in stock page not found, do not worry! You can use our auction service. Want to know how it works?
  • First, you define a car, make a deposit and using online access to the database, the largest auctions in Japan, as well as statistics of auction (to get an idea about prices and can compare), and calculators costing, determine the month of issue (in other words, "road" car), make the final choice. At your request, searching cars at auctions may take our staff. In the process they will inform you of suitable options and agree on the details and then tell us the number of the desired car lot. You can also consult us on any matter concerning the vehicle, tenders and working conditions of Contact.
  • If you choose to authorize us to bid at auction on your behalf, you must make a deposit of 85 000 Japanese yen (with the possibility of a full refund minus the cost of bank transfer) by a transfer to one of our bank accounts and to report the amount of the maximum rate. And do not worry, we do not in any way privysim your budget. Note: if for any reason you want to cancel an order even after the machine was bought, applies a fine of 85 000 yen.
  • Within three days after successful bidding will be sent an invoice, which must pay not later than three working days of receipt (Our bank details), and after 100% payment you will be informed of the date of shipment, the details and approximate dates of delivery.
Our company is registered in Japan, and we do not deal with issues of customs clearance on arrival of his car to your country. So learn all the details, conditions and cost of customs clearance and registration in advance. In the case of Russia, at your request, customs clearance and delivery to the regions occupy our partners.